GPT Cookbook | Quick Table of Contents (Hierarchical Summary)

2 min readSep 17, 2023

Whether you work in Healthcare, Law, Information Technology, Automotive, Educational, or simply someone who loves playing around with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, enhancing your output for the most readability is a must.

Let me introduce a neat Prompt Hack for GPT Models with OpenAI: du and tree. These commands are indispensable to explore directories in a Linux, or Windows environment. The file and folder structures are displayed.

tree /f command in PowerShell

The best way to display this structure with the GPT output is to simply ask the following:

“Display the output in the PowerShell `tree /f` structure”

Or you could ask

“Display the output using the Unix `du -a` structure”

Brilliant summaries will appear for whatever your heart desires. Enjoy!


How do I start an organization? Display the output using the Unix `du -a` structure.

Starting an Organization: A Step-By-Step Guide in du -a Format


Starting an organization is an intricate process that involves a myriad of steps. Each step can be considered a “file” or a “folder” in your…