Windows 11 Real-Time Object Detection Dependencies

4 min readSep 17, 2023

Darknet is an open source neural network framework written in C, and CUDA. It is used with YOLO, You Only Look Once, which is a Real-Time Object Detection system.

Operating System: Windows 11 22H2

Shell: PowerShell Version 7.3.6

Run the following Windows Package Manager commands in PowerShell to install the essential development tools and 7-zip from Ninite.

iwr -Uri "" -OutFile "C:\Ninite7ZipInstaller.exe"
saps -Path "C:\Ninite7ZipInstaller.exe"
del "C:\Ninite7ZipInstaller.exe"
winget install Git.Git
winget install Kitware.CMake
winget install nsis.nsis
winget install Microsoft.VisualStudio.2022.Community

7-zip, Git Version Control, CMake Build System, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (To Create Windows Installers), and Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition should now be installed.

Open Visual Studio Installer and Choose Modify

Select Desktop development with C++and .NET desktop development

Some information for what is to come:

Microsoft VCPKG will handle open-source C++ libraries.

OpenCV is a C, and C++ library that is used for real-time computer-vision applications. It is used for object recognition, image and video processing, augmented reality, and more.

Back to PowerShell. We need to run some commands to install Microsoft VCPKG. This is used to build OpenCV. See below:

cd c:\ 
mkdir c:\src
cd c:\src
git clone
cd vcpkg
.\vcpkg.exe integrate installtree
.\vcpkg.exe integrate powershell
.\vcpkg.exe install opencv[contrib,dnn,freetype,jpeg,openmp,png,webp,world]:x64-windows pthreads:x64-windows

At this point, the commands created a directory src that will hold Microsoft’s C++ Library Manager (VCPKG). This is cloned from the GitHub repo and vcpkg batch file is called to compile the vcpkg executable (.exe) file. Specific modules and dependencies are installed with the pthreads library. This enables a robust environment to develop computer vision applications.

Now let us clone Darknet [insert ominous sound]

To clone Darknet, build it, and tell CMake where the vcpkg is located, so it can find other dependencies, we will run…